While listening to the podcast, I want you to pay attention and take notes on these focus points:
You should be able to answer these questions as you’re listening. Make sure to pause when taking notes.

Podcast about language. This episode takes a look at ELF - the development from a focus on English as a foreign language to English as Lingua Franca.

The podcast does feature some academic people using academic language. If you find some sentences or passages hard to understand, try to pause and relisten (perhaps even look up a few words) - that said, don’t sweat it if you miss a couple of passages, what’s important is that you can make sense of the overall topic and discussion.

- What does it mean that there is a development from English as a foreign language to English as a Lingua Franca? (give examples of how they see this development).

- Foreigners who speak English typically make mistakes even though they know the grammatical rules. Why?

- Who/what decides what is important when speaking English?

- What are their thoughts on English in schools where there’s an emphasis on correctness?