With a world population of over 7 billion and around 6500 different languages in the world, the English language is arguably the most important and most influential in the world.

It is very common to have your favorite movies dubbed in English, the music you listen to sung in English, and when you are out on vacation the chances of you communicating in English would be quite high.

The question is that can be asked, is how come that this language originated from western Europe managed to become the biggest spoken language in the world, and does the world benefit from this kind of evolution?

Having English as lingua franca has its pros and cons. The benefit of having it could be that more people can speak to each other as the language barrier breaks.

It also brings the world closer on a global scale and is practical in many life and death situations as instructions can be delivered with no further trouble and therefore making it essential to have.

Internationally we can look at the trades between countries strengthens as business deals are more likely to happen when the two parts understand each other when negotiating.

On the other hand, it wouldn’t be harmful to have English as Lingua Franca especially when looking at culture.

When you implement English as a language it would start by affecting the country’s current language and make part of the language go extinct and lost as time goes on.

Phrases and wordplays which make sense in the original language may also be practical to use in English as the meaning gets lost in the translation.