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The danger of single stories
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- I grupper har eleverne arbejdet med og kort fremlagt én af følgende tekster:

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“How to write about Africa” Is an ironic and satirical text about how to write about Africa and the stereotypes that are often portrayed.

The text basically tells you what not to do, and it uses humor to do so. This can be seen in the text since it says that u cannot expect a civilized community, only wilderness and naked breasts and starving people.

It also says to treat Africa as one whole country, despite it being a continent with 54 different countries. The description of the cuisine also needs to be crazy and wild

not anything like “normal” people would eat. It tells you not to write about any normal themes or stories or activities done by African people unless something tragic like death is involved.

And so, the list goes on and on. The moral of the story is that Africa and the African people are often portrayed very stereotypically and that is not necessarily the truth.


Montana 1948 is a novel written by Larry Watson in 1993. The book is about a young boy named David, who lives in a small town in Montana named Bentrock with his mother and father.

Their Indian housekeeper lives with them and she is called Marie Little Soldier. Marie gets sick but she refuses to get a doctor, even though he his David’s uncle, Frank Hayden.

Marie accuses him of raping and molesting his Indian patients, which puts David’s father Wesley in a sticky situation, since he is the town sheriff.

Marie is later found dead, and it is revealed that Frank murdered her. This event causes family division, since there are different opinions in the family on how to approach this.

Therefore, some of the main themes are racism and prejudice, family and loyalty, law and order. This brings me to the question I have chosen, which is 2.

What is the role and importance of loyalty in the Hayden family and how does it influence Wesley’s reaction to the accusations brought against his brother?

How would you characterize the relationships between the Hayden men, Grandpa Hayden, Frank, Wesley and David?

Throughout the book it becomes clear to the reader what kind of loyalty the different Hayden men prioritize.

Loyalty is a very important quality in the family, which has an impact on Wesley’s reaction to the accusations brought against his brother. He does not really question whether it is true or not as much as he questions what he should do.

This makes it clear that he is not surprised by the accusation, even though he would rather not believe it. He is torn between family loyalty and loyalty to the law and his morals.

He goes through with his final decision which is to obey the law and arrest his brother. The grandfather finds this very unsettling and tries to break Frank free, even though the grandfather used to be the town sheriff himself.

This shows that he prioritizes family loyalty rather than justice. This also puts a strain on the relationship between Wesley and his father.

Before the incident, it was clear that the grandfather was fonder and prouder of Frank, who was portrayed as the perfect man.

Wesley probably cared a lot for Frank and wanted to see the best in him, even though he knew deep down that the accusations were likely to be true.

David also used to idolize Frank, but after the incident he could barely look at him. It seems as if David cares more about his horse rather than his relationship to his grandfather after the grandparents cut them off

which tells us that David and the grandfather’s relationship wasn’t very intimate or personal. Since David is the narrator, we see things from his point of view.

David was only 12 years old when the events occurred, and these events highly impacted his view on all of his relatives.

David seems very observant and passive during the events, which allows us to get a less biased view on how things went down. We could put the text in perspective to the text “how to write about Africa”.

This text is about the racist and stereotypical tendency there is when writing about Africa, which we can relate to one of the main themes in the book “Montana 1948”.

Here there is a stereotypical depiction of Indians, since most of the people in the book call them superstitious or lazy or are just generally not fond of them.

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