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Positive sides about English being a global Lingua Franca
Negative sides about English being a global Lingua Franca

The text is about English growing more and more, in the text you can read about how it may be possible that by 2020 around two billion people will study English.

You can also read about how it is in America and that only 10% of Native Americans can speak a second language in comparison with Europe where 56% of the Europeans can speak English.

We get to learn more about the different dialects, about the largest speaking countries and how many people speaks it.

If we look at the importance of English for the global business, we can see that it may be the most important language to speak what it comes to having international success. In China there are more people studying English than in any other country, and more than 100,000 native English teachers.

You can read about how it started and how it got spread to Africa. Also, about how British people forced the slaves in South Africa to learn english so they can communicate.

In the text is also said that woman all over the world speaks better English than men are and like never before more women are attending collage and are well positioning them to great success in the global economy.

It is also said that Europeans are better English speakers than any other people, excepting of course native English-speaking countries. It is also said that Scandinavians and the Dutch are some of the best at speaking English.