In the video the man talks about every,English that there has been up till now. The story the man tells kind of remind me of the story about the tower of babel, where every person on earth got to getter and started to build a tower so high it could reach God.

But God did not like that, so he changes the language on every person there. But instead of changing the language on everybody he just changes there English to a different kind of English.

So maybe some people got English from the inner circle which is English from Canada, (USA) America, (UK) British English and Irish English and a couple more.

Then there maybe were people that talk English from the outer circle, and those people maybe talked Bangladesh English, Indian English and Singapore English etc.

Then of Couse there is the expanding circle, which is just English from the outer circle, but with more culture behind it, and this include different cultures of English such as Russian English, Japanese English and Saudi Arabian English, etc.