English as a lingua franca | Assignment

“English – The Language of Global business?” is an article from forbes.com written the 26th October 2012 by author Dorie Clark.

The text is about how the English language has developed as a global business language, and will maintain to grow its dominance even bigger, moving from a marker of the elite in years past to a basic skill needed for the entire workforce.


Positive sides

Negative sides

I think there is a lot of positive sides about having English as a lingua franca. One of them is (as mentioned in the text) that the British Council expects that by 2020, two billion people will be studying English.

Even in a big nation as China, already 100.000 native English speakers are currently teaching there.

Another positive side could be that English is an easy language to learn, and a lot of people has English as their native language or as their second language.

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