Quick introduction to the genre:

A short story is a short work of fiction. Fiction is writing about imagined events and characters. It can, for example, by the use of imaginary language or even sound to create a specific atmosphere. Another typical thing is the purpose of the story.

The sole purpose of fiction writing is to entertain, reflect, create suspense and empathy. In a non-fictional text, the purpose is to encourage or inform. So, these are some of the elements I need to include within my short story

The Story:
One morning Jeff woke up, to the sound of his father washing the car. He flew up of his bed and got dizzy because of his iron deficiency. Slowly he unfolded his blinds and saw his father.

Jeff found his favorite clothes because he was going out hunting for a tiger! A couple of minutes later he went out to his father, saying he was going out to see if he had caught any tigers.

As he was about to roam off his father turned to him and said “They like tuna fish, huh?”, Jeff replied, “Tigers will do anything for a tuna fish sandwich!”.

Afterward, he preceded to stroll further, when he thought about how he surely must have caught one. The day earlier he had taken a tiger trap, and a tuna fish sandwich, that he had placed not too far from the house.

Jeff wandered farther into the woods when he was suddenly startled by a tiger swinging from the tree above him.