When writing a fairy tale, there are some specific rules. A fairy tale is fiction, which means that it is not real.

The story is invented and therefore not something that have taken place. Almost all fairy tales have a “set” of elements which is in every story.

Jessica started crying, knowing that dinner was ruined, and that her parents would get very upset. Jessica was nervous and didn’t know what to do, but suddenly something magical happened.

The chopping board had grown eyes and a mouth and had started talking. Jessica’s tears had magically brought the chopping board to life. Along with that, seven other main household tools that Jessica needed for the meal was alive as well.

Jessica looked at the tools in chock and didn’t know what to say. The chopping board slowly started to explain how the tools, was magical items awakened by her tears, and that they were there to help her.

So, the tools and Jessica walked out of the house and into the deep forest on a quest for the needed ingredients. The group had to hurry, because Jessica’s parents was going to be home in 3 hours.

Before walking into the forest, the group made a list of the ingredients they needed for making the dinner. They needed 7 ingredients. After walking for about 10 minutes, the group stumbled into a bunny.