Shante – PEE-model | English Assignment 1

Shante’s norms are not completely dictated by the class and culture in which she lives.

This shows on page 153, line 2, where Shante tells us, that some of her friends already have babies.

“A number of the teenaged girls in her social circle are already mothers, but Shante has no intentions of joining the club: “One of my friends got a baby. My old friend got a baby. My other friend got a daughter. All these friends got a lot of kids. That don’t make sense. It don’t.””

This quote shows how Shante is not agreeing with the choice that most of her friends took, although it seems to be considered quite normal, compared to other places. This means that she is able to form her own opinion and step away from the culture that roams in the neighbourhood, if necessary.

Shante’s problems have to do with her race.

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