13 Reasons Why | Engelsk Assignment

Assignment 1 – 13 reasons why

Hannah Baker killed herself, against everyone’s expectations. Nobody thought it would be their fault, but after all seven of Hannah’s “goodbye”- tapes were listened to, by seven of Hannah’s friends, everything went upside down for all seven of them.

The upside-down trumpet:
The opening (01.13 – 03:15)

Why did Hannah’s “friends” do such things to Hannah, without realizing the consequent that she would kill herself?

The kids from Hannah’s school had no idea of the consequences of their actions, which leaded to Hannah committing suicide. But how couldn’t Hannah’s friends and family see that Hannah wasn’t okay? And why did her “friends” do stuff like that to her, why didn’t they think that it might be hurting her to have photos all around school, and rumors about things she didn’t even do. Why did they do it? For fun? Or attention? And why Hannah?

A really deep and dramatic theme in Jay Asher’s series “13 reasons why” (2017).
In this story we hear Hannah baker’s story about her reasons to take her own life. We hear about the people at her school, and how it feels to be bullied, way across the line.

Also, we see how her family is dealing with the fact that their daughter killed herself, and them feeling like they might could have done something to stop it.

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