Write an essay in which your account for Americans’ love of guns and discuss attitudes to gun control in the USA.

Assignment 5
Why Guns?

The question is why is there no sensible gun control in the US? This is a big and difficult question to answer as a lot of factors come into play.

In the Article'' A perennial American question: Why has gun control failed?” It sheds light on why the United States does not have proper gun control as in Australia where they have now come down to a halving of gun deaths.

Citizens of the United States have divided opinions whether they want this gun law as it is or whether they want it gone.

According to the article ”74% are gun owners who mean that they should have the right to carry a gun, whereas only 44% are against it” To change the gun law, the people of the United States must want it. If they do not want this, the United States will not remove the law.

It concludes that the reason the law still exists is because most citizens in the United States want this.

We agree with Obama that a sensible gun law must be enacted to reduce the risk and fear of being shot.

We cannot help but think that you as a citizen of the United States are constantly walking around knowing that anyone who passes your way can carry a gun.