The right to be safe with or without guns | Engelsk opgave

When you hear the word “gun”, a lot of thoughts comes to your mind, and the thoughts doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with mass shootings or school shooting. But when you the hear the sentence “Guns in the US”, the thought running thru your mind is slightly different.

People hearing this sentence would probably think about some of the horrible school shooting, that have found place, or some of the horrible mass shootings. Could all these awful events have been prevented, if guns weren’t as easy to get your hands on? Many people have a certain opinion on the gun law in the US.

It is important to have an opinion about guns, when you live in a country, where guns are so easily available. Do you want your kids, to live in a society, where the possibility, that your kid is killed in a school shooting by another kid the same age?

It must be terrifying to know, that this is possible. The television host, James Corden, have already thought about the possibility, that a school shooting can happened on his children’s school, and the thought is very unfamiliar, because he never had to worry about such thing, when he was a child.

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