Guns in the USA

The 20th of April 1999 the unimaginable happened on Columbine High School. Two students, named Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold made every parents worst nightmare come true.

They shot and killed twelve students and a teacher. This has created a debate, which is still being discussed to this day.

Therefore are we wondering - Is the Second Amendment from 1938 still relevant or is it outdated and needs to be redone?

Since the 1770’s USA became independent from the British and ever since this occurrence, people have been allowed to defend themselves with firearms.

Carrying guns in America became a symbol of independence and free will. The document “Bill of Rights” explains how Americans as individuals has the right to defend themselves.

About 150 years back, in the Wild West period, the Americans where given reasons to carry firearms. During this period, the frontier of the western civilisation, weapons were a necessary resource for survival.

Weapons were necessary for two reasons. The first being hunting animals. The second reason being because of violent conflicts with the native people and other settlers on the continent.

This was the stepping-stone for the liberalistic mentality we see today, which is influenced by the “frontier spirit.”

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