America has a long and proud history of carrying guns. Most people see it as a necessity, like it’s the best way to protect themselves.

In fact, it’s stated in The Second Amendment that ‘’A Well-regulated Militia, being necessary of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed’’ there for a lot of Americans, especially republicans, sees the idea of gun regulation as a direct violence of their person freedom.

However, one thing that people across the political spectra seems to agree on is the fact that there needs to be put up better background checks on people when buying guns.

It’s found that 92% of Americans living in households with guns, are in support of criminal background checks in all gun purchase situations. This just shows that most people agree that not everyone should be able to carry a gun.

This would also seem like a sign that Americans in generally is in support of stricter laws against guns. But that is simply not the case.