There’s no doubt that guns are a huge factor in America. How is it possible for a man like the “gunman” to kill 58 people with a legal weapon?

1 Of course the act is illegal, however owning the weapons is legal. In the following essay I will bring up different factors and sources to discuss the topic of gun laws in America. I will come to a conclusion on whether it's possible to restrict gun law or not.

Joe Biden wants to make the community more safe, and increase the deaths from gun violence. Joe Biden even has a whole page about Gun Safety, on his own website.5

The article highlights that” Health experts urge the public to recognize that mental health is a serious factor in gun suicide.

But the interesting thing in this, is it even okay for a person with mental issues to carry a gun? Is there a risk? It's for sure faster and easier with a weapon

- even though that isn’t physically harming anyone but the person, does that make it okay? The weapon is so much easier than thinking about getting help. That is another disadvantage in gun control in the us.

I believe that making the gun policy more strict over time, will be way more effective than just making guns illegal.