While researching the vaccine controversy, I came across many important arguments that states the dangers of a non-vaccinated society.

By looking at the number of incidents of different diseases before and after numerous vaccines were established, the importance of vaccines became clear.

To understand both sides of the controversy I found articles discussing anti-vaxxers’ reasons for not vaccinating, but also contradicting evidence to their claims.

Anti-vaxxers’ are putting our common health in danger by continuously spreading ineligible information which creates unnecessary doubts amongst society.

For instance, the anti-vax campaigns on social media can lead to a decline amongst those who necessarily did not oppose vaccination.

This vaccine hesitancy results in continuing failure to reach the wanted rate of vaccines (Miller1). “Boosting immunizations requires strong and effective public health campaigns to counteract false claims from anti-vaccination groups” (Cunningham 2). This

shouldn't be necessary as vaccines have already been proven effective, and the dangers of not getting vaccinated have already shown, which is why getting vaccinated should be the obvious choice.

Vaccination exemptions. Religious/philosophical exemptions shouldn’t be valid reasons not to vaccinate. It’s been proven that banning religious/philosophical reasons to vaccinate improves the otherwise low vaccination rates which assuredly helps to keep us safe. (Kluger 5).