Why do UK teenagers struggle to cope? | Engelsk aflevering

Even though that this is the best time to be a teenager in the UK ever. Youngsters have way more opportunities and access to a lot more privileges than even one generation ago, the article evens states this :” More British teenagers leave school with good qualifications and go to university than ever before.

Youth unemployment has fallen dramatically in the last 25 years.

Today's parents are richer than ever before, and young people have access to an extraordinary range of activities and opportunities”

But with that in mind the UK teens, in comparison to the other European countries, is in the top of bad behavior. Even though they are getting less gang-related, are getting less into drug and alcohol abuse, self- harm and showing less rude and anti-social behaviors they are still in the top.

UK studies done by the think tank company ‘The Institute for Public Policy Research’ (‘IPPR’ for short), tells why UK teenagers struggle to cope. They say that it is not the youngsters fault itself, but also a lot of the parents’ responsibility.

Statistic shows that more and more parents are getting divorced, and that causes the kids to been left to their own :” rising rates of divorce and single parenthood - and where the state traditionally resists intervening in domestic life, young people have been left to their own devices.”

It can have fatal consequences for the young peoples “soft skills”, it means that they are missing out on a lot of personal and social development.

The article also tells us that UK teens, are spending a lot more time with peers than adults. That causes the teens to go a lot more to youth clubs and hang out with mates.

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