The rise of materialism in the American society | Essay

The American society today is very different to what it once was many years ago. However, power and happiness has always been a big part of everybody’s life, and a big part of the society.

Can money get you all of this? Power through money and happiness through materialism. In this assignment I will focus on the rise of materialism in the American society. With the help of three different articles I will take a look at the effects materialism has on the society.

The rise of materialistic values has been uprising for a long time, and it is now clear to see how it effects the way society acts. While the materialistic values in society goes up, the concern for nature tends to go down .

People forget that to keep the luxuries they have obtained they have to keep our planet alive, and I might sound extreme, but without our nature and the planet, we wouldn’t be able to have many of the things we have today.

Also affected by the rise of materialism is the American justice system. Kids today are also being raised with materialistic values. An example of how the rise of materialism can affect society, is the case of 16-year-old Ethan Couch, who escaped prison despite killing 4 innocent people while drunk-driving .

Ethan Couch obtained affluenza defense as his lawyers argued that due to his wealth, absentee parenting and pampered childhood, he didn’t have the same sense of responsibility.

Because of this Ethan Couch was sentenced to serve in a high-priced drug rehabilitation centre, which will be paid for by the parents, and 10 years of probation .

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