The rise of materialism in the American society | 10 i karakter

The American society today is very different to what it once was many years ago. However, power and happiness has always been a big part of everybody’s life, and a big part of the society.

Can money get you all of this? Power through money and happiness through materialism. In this assignment I will focus on the rise of materialism in the American society.

With the help of three different articles I will take a look at the effects materialism has on the society.

Because of the immense number of products being released, and the hype of designer/luxury items, today you are being judged and your worth are being decided by how many of the new products you possess and how much money you have.

People often forget to stop and think “does this actually make me happy?”, or are they just wasting money and energy to keep up a nice façade.

Khurram points out in her article that this doesn’t add any fulfillment to life. The things that matter, the things that actually will be able to bring you happiness and fulfillment are your family, a fulfilling carrier and being able to give back to the community .

Studies shows that that the more that people value materialistic aspirations and goals, the lower the happiness and satisfaction.

These people also tend to have a worse mental health, and especially depression, anxiety and substance abuse tend to be higher amongst people that value the aims encouraged by consumer society .

Which means the people who are affected by all of the advertisements that claim to have a product essential for living the good life

or the advertisements that claim the good life only can be obtained by owning certain products. Money takes over the mind, and people forget to nourish friendships and more importantly to nourish themselves.

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