‘Rise of the Robots’ | Analytical essay

Assignment A, a summary of the article:
Assignment B, Write an analytical essay of the article.

The article "Rise of the Robots" is about the development of robots. The article also talks about, the consequences of robots replace a lot of human's jobs.

It focuses a lot on the positive side, fx that we have moved a long way the past years, but also that there is a lot of downsides, with as I said before that a lot of people will be left unemployed


The writing style for this text is hard, but the text is still understandable. The language is a bit older but still simple and easy enough to comprehend considering what it could have been.

For example, in the article, it says "aeroplane" instead of airplane, which was something you said in the 19th century. The writer is neutral to the subject, which means we do not get his point of view.

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