Could humans become robots | Essay

Most people have probably heard about brain-computer interface, but what is it? Brain-computer interface is a way to help people who have issues for their body

for example their hands doesn’t work, but it can also control devices by the brain and that sounds amazing, but is it amazing?

The video shows how BCI works and what it is. Technology has developed so much between the years.

Think about the iPhone there is today and look at an iPod, the difference between those two are very big.

So yes, of course it sounds amazing that we can control a device from our brain, but what effects would it have on our brain? Is all the frequency from the devices good for our brain?

Some would say it´s good because it solves a problem in a good way, imagine how the future would look like if everything could be controlled by our brain.

The video shows why BCI is a good thing, but there is always a problem, nothing is perfect forever.

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