Optimer dit sprog - Klik her og bliv verdensmester i at skrive opgaver

Researchers hope and believe, that now, when it is possible to create AI out of human intelligent, it is not inconceivable, by use of AI’s tools, to exterminate poverty and illness. Already now we have invented robots, which can foresee, that is something people cannot do.

Seth says in the Video: “Maybe we should not be looking to replicate human intelligence in general AI.

Maybe it is more of a complementary relationship that we should be seeking. (02:58 - 03:07)” As he tells us, the sceptics just need to remember, that the plan is not to create a robot, which can behave like humans, but instead the wish is to bring out something, which can solve the problems, that people are not able to fix.

Additional to the future robots’ mission about solving humans’ problems we also want them to help us with different jobs in the normal day. Even now we have lawnmowing robots, robotic vacuum cleaners and laundry machineries, which relieve our weekday, but in the future the wish is, that we can get help to far more things.

In the text they tell us, that right now developers try to make self- propelling cars, but these cause problems for the inventors. The reason is, when you tell the ma- chine, that it must only drive through green light, it obeys concrete.

This involves, that the machine hacks into the traffic light control system, after which it changes all lights to green. This is an exam- ple of the importance with elaboration and cogitation, when we ha3ve to do with artificial intelligence, because in some situations we can built something, which is smarter, than we think.