Video games have been around for decades, and it has grown a lot over the years. More and more teenagers and people are gaming, but nobody has seen it as an addiction.

Douglas Gentile is a psychologist and has been studying the subject for decades. His research said that roughly 8,5% of children who play video games are addicted in the US. That’s more than half a million children.

He wanted to play more and more and started to disband from his friends. His mother also thinks he suffers from anxiety and depression.

Griffin was in treatment for six weeks, but he still has some challenges with his gaming addiction and his depression. Gentile has also researched why kids have a gaming addiction.

Gentile says that gaming has the “ABC” ofhuman needs. The “ABC” stands for autonomy, belonging, and competence.

Games can fulfil all of these. Another psychologist Mark Griffiths says that he believes that addiction can happen when the players are constantly getting rewarded while they play.

It can be rewards as missions or achievements or beating your high scores. He also says that in the last decade we had a shift from standalone console to massively multiplayer games with no end and can’t be paused.