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We are all addidcted to something. It can be; cleaning, drugs, gambling, alcohol and maybe video games. More and more peiple are experiencing an increasing urge to play video games.

Video game addiction has become an increasingly popular topic within the last decade. But is it even possible to be addicted to a virtual.

Are video games really addicitive?
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In this article, Marc Lewis uses different forms of appeal. Marc uses both logos and ethos. He uses forms of appeal to get the readers attention on the subject.

Logos because he speaks to the commonsense by using facts and statistics. “Experts estimates that problematic play is exhibited by 0.5% of the general population and less than 1.0% of adult gamers.” .

He is also putting down some facts and numbers that make the reciever belive in him. “A new direction in gaming research is to use the inhernet appeal of the game .

the thing that makes them so attractive - to help improve child mental health” . He is great and well-informed to convince the recciever of his opinion.

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