Falling in love can be great. It can make people feel good, be kind and give them a more positive perspective on life. Despite alle the great things of love, it can also hurt, drive people crazy and make them act violent.

Stephen King’s short story “The man who loved flowers” from 1977, explores how love can be dark, when the young man kills a girl, because of miserable love.

The story has the theme love. The story’s beginning seems romantic and happy as we get introduced to the young man with the quote “She passed on her way, thinking: He's in love.” (10).

The people the young man pass all share the same positive and lovely thoughts of the young man. The young man is in love but is so blinded by love that he kills an innocent girl with the thought of her being the girl he is in love with.

The message in this story could be that you shouldn’t judge people from the outside before you know them. You don’t know anything real about a person by just seeing them passing by on the street.