In this assignment I will tell shortly about the text “The man who loved flowers” by Stephen King and then I will go deeper into the text and do an analysis of it.

At the end I will finish up with what I have found out in my analysis of “The man who loved flowers” as my final conclusion.

The story takes place in Manhattan, New York City in May 1963. There was this handsome man who walked up New York’s Third Avenue, and the weather was just a lovely violet of dusk and the air was beautiful and soft.

The man was walking down the streets of New York’s Third Avenue when he heard a radio poured out that there was still a hammer murderer on the loose and some other political stuff.

The man passed a flower-stand and saw a bunch of flowers.

The man bought a nice bouquet for a dollar for her. At the Seventy-third Avenue he turned right, and he stepped into a street there were a little darker than the other ones. Half a block down he did another turn into a lane that was narrow.

He started to walk slower and slower because he was waiting for his lover Norma, when he spotted her in the dark lane.

His arch ache when he spotted her, and he thought she looked so young that he could remember. He said her name high, so she could spot him.

She smiled at him, but when they began to walk the woman, he thought was Norma, was not Norma. In the bouquet the man was hiding a hammer, but she did not know. The woman backed away, and she was scared of the man she did not know who was.

He man swung the hammer in the fact the stop the woman to scream, because the man now remembered that Norma was dead.

For a long time, he looked after Norma but none of the women was not Norma, and then he swung the hammer over and over again when the women he founded was not Norma.