The man who loved flowers – different ending:

The young man in the text walks in a grey suit, and he is short and dark-haired with blue eyes. He walks briskly and he seems to be happy, because he is going to see his girlfriend, Norma. I have chosen the words gently, schizophrenic and in love, because they are characteristic for his behaviour.


At Seventy-Third Street, he stopped and turned right. Her home was not so far from here. As he walked on the dirty flags, feeling the wind on his skin, he noticed the beautiful stars on the heaven. The only thing he saw in the millions of stars was Norma’s pretty face smiling back to him.

He imagined her voice talking to him: “Oh, dear Carl. I am looking forward to see you. Your Norma”. He was so excited that he almost cried.

When he finally came to her house, he waited outside her door for about five minutes. There had been such a long time since they had met each other.

The front of her house was always so beautiful. It was decorated with thousands of different flowers. You fell like a complete stranger standing outside an Italian house.