The movie “Lion King” was directed by Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers in 1994. Lion king is an animated movie where the viewer follows Simba and his journey to become the rightful king of the savannah. I will in this analytical essay analyze the setting, Simba’s journey and the main symbol.

Simba who is the one true heir of the kingdom is fooled by his uncle Scar who wants the kingdom by himself. Simba now has to leave the savannah and his tribe growing up on his own.

The movie mainly takes place at the savannah, where all the animals live in harmony. During the rule of Mufasa the savannah sprouts, the sun is shining and there are animals everywhere.

If we compare that to after Mufasa is dead and Scar is king, it’s just the opposite. There is no sun, all of the animals are gone and the nature doesn’t sprout as it used to do.

There are many scenes where water is involved, all these scenes is when our main character Simba is safe and feel loved.

For instance, there is the water hole in the jungle where Simba is with Timon, Pumba and Nala, in this location everyone is having fun and is safe.

However, where there isn’t water, Simba is not feeling well or are in some kind of danger. This we can se when Nala and Simba are going to the elephant graveyard and when Simba wakes up after he left the tribe.