The Music Room is a Stephen Edwin King horror short story that takes place in the 1930s after the wall street crash. Stephen King is a famous horror author, he’s born in 1947 in Portland USA.

The story is about a married couple "Mr. and Mrs. Enderby" who lives in New York, because of the wall street crash they don’t have a lot of money, so out of desperation they go against their morals and kidnap rob, and murder wealthy men.

Mr. Timmons kept thumping and being loud noises, so Mr. Enderby asked Mrs. Enderby to play some music so he wouldn`t hear him making noises.

The Enderby’s is a middle-aged couple who has been living together for a very long time, the two have also grown up together they have been in each other life almost their entire life.

The couple has given up on having kids after 10 years of trying it feels like because they spent that much time in their life they just don’t bother trying anymore and have lost any hope.

They are both saying they are not killers because of the way they starve them to death. Isn’t killing them in their eyes But.