Room for everyone | Engelsk Essay

The language you are using can be good, if you are good to communicate with other people. Many focuses on the language when they are making a speech

or when they have to say thank you to all the people that came to the party, they had hold. Lots of it came from the heart there would always be a part that didn’t come from the heart.

Site 2 line 15 down to 20 “The total value of this country’s human chattel had become the largest single financial asset in America, worth more than all of its railroads and factories combined.

Virginia, along with other Southern states, decided it would rather fight what remains the bloodiest war in American history than end the torture

murder and unabashed evil of human slavery” that do really say something about the history time they have been going through the history time have always been against the blacks history, back to the slavery time.

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