Everyone Is Going Through Something | Engelsk

Assignment 1
Besvar både opgave a. og b. nedenfor. Brug relevant grammatisk terminologi. Skriv dine svar på dansk.
a. Find og skriv fem forskellige adverbier fra teksten. Skriv for hvert eksempel, hvad adverbiet lægger sig til.
b. Forklar kort med inddragelse af alle fem eksempler, hvad adverbier kan lægge sig til på engelsk.

Assignment 2
I tekststykket er en række ord og sætninger understreget. Besvar opgave a., b. og c. nedenfor. Brug relevant grammatisk terminologi. Skriv dine svar på dansk.
a. Tre forskellige eksempler på demonstrative pronomener er understreget. Forklar kort med inddragelse af alle tre eksempler reglerne for brug af demonstrative pronomener på engelsk.
b. Fire eksempler på nægtende sætninger med not er understreget. Forklar kort med inddragelse af alle fire eksempler reglerne for, hvordan man danner nægtende sætninger med not.
c. To forskellige eksempler på relative pronomener er understreget. Forklar kort, hvorfor netop disse to relative pronomener er valgt her.

Assignment 3
Videoen i denne opgave er en “60-second lecture”, der er offentliggjort af University of Pennsylvania i 2017.
Find og skriv i alt ti forskellige sammensatte verballed fra videoen. Skriv for hvert eksempel hele verballeddet.
Skriv desuden for hvert verballed:
• hvilken grammatisk tid det sammensatte verballed står i
• hvilke dele det sammensatte verballed består af

Assignment 4
Everyone Is Going Through Something

The idea of being a man and how we think a man should act is incredibly flawed. We grow up in a society, where the male role models are men like James Bond, who’s a womanizing murderer, that has spent multiple films running away from his childhood trauma.

When there is this idea, this stigma, that men are supposed to be strong all the time or that it’s weak to cry or that it’s weak to appear vulnerable, it gets incredibly destructive.

Many men haven’t had easy upbringings, where sometimes, all they want is just a hug.

They just want someone to hear and listen to what they’ve been through so that they can let their feelings out and be relieved that they won’t have to deal with the pain alone anymore.

That is what 29-year-old Kevin love, an American professional basketball player, who plays for The Cleveland Cavaliers, wants to shine a light on in the article “Everyone is going through something” from March 6th, 2018.

The article is an insight into Kevin loves’ life, but more than that, it explores his former hidden feelings, and how hard it has been for him to confront his mental health as a man in today’s society. The article discusses his decision to seek help after suffering from a panic attack.

There is a male crisis at the moment. Because a lot of young men are dealing with mental illnesses under the shadows and are even killing themselves because they’re unable to access their emotions.

They feel that if they do, they’ll be seen as weak. What our society has yet to understand, is that it’s okay for men to be sad, it’s okay for men to be sensitive.

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