‘Born of Man and Woman’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

“Born of man and Woman” is a science fiction short story written by the American writer Richard Matheson. The short story was published in July 1950.

This analytical essay will analyze the short story “Born of Man and Woman”, and this sort of a mysterious creature with no knowledge of the outside world.

The story begins in medias res and gives us the thoughts of the narrator -“This day when it had light mother called me retch.” (p. 1, l. 1).

I will define the plot conflict as “Man against man” or a made-up plot structure “Man against parents”. The parents act weird against their child.

They physically and psychologically hurt it constantly. From my point of view, it is totally wrong the way they treat their child.

If the story was told from the parents’ point of view, we may know why they are doing those things. The child’s feet stick to wood so it cannot walk on stairs and it drips green on the floor.

Everything is smaller than it, and it even tells us that its mother is much smaller than itself, and the window is “little” too –“In the back part is the little mother.

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