he short story “May the best man win” takes place in a pub in Birmingham, England called The Carpenter's Arms. The action takes place over a single night at the pub.

The main characters watch a live transmission of a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Trevor Berbick.

Then there is Eddie Lovett who is a main character. He is “tall, broad-shouldered, upright, solid” (ll. 195-196). He has bright blue eyes, long, light brown hair, with streaks of grey and blonde, dimples and dark eyelashes.

Eddies Inner characterization appears to be a friendly, agreeable man. He wants to watch the boxing match in the company of others, which suggests he is sociable.

He also smiles often, and winks at Patti, which shows he is flirting with her. Eddie’s friendly attitude makes a good impression on Patti from the beginning, and as the evening goes on, she likes him more and more.

At first, the regular clients seem distrustful towards Eddie and his three friends, because they are white. However, Eddie’s friendly attitude makes them accept him, as they all watch the boxing match together.