Machine Man | Analytical essay | Marlish Glorie

Around the world, millions of people go through life without the loving care of a mother, which can lead to an emotional unstable adolescence.

A mother plays a role in your life no one else can. A mother is the emotional backbone when you get hurt and lose control of your emotions. This can be translated to the short story “Machine Man” by Marlish Glorie.

The story is told by the main character, Paul. It is a first-person narrator as seen in the very first sentence of the story, “Last night I decided it was time to kidnap an old lady”.

The narrator is unreliable because It does not seem like he knows how to split fantasy from reality. For example, you cannot just walk into a nursing home and take an old lady with, which the narrator does not seem to have a problem with.

Or at the end in the caravan with Iris, where it looks like Paul’s fantasy takes over.

The title “Machine Man” refers to the narrator, Paul, whose nickname is Machine man, which is given by his Boss and friend Black Jack. “Black Jack calls me the machine man because of all the bits of metal I've got sticking out of me and that if I ever got lost he'd find me easily with a metal detector”.

As seen in the quote, Paul is nicknamed Machine man because of all of his piercings, but there are also other reasons which can be seen in bits and pieces throughout the story.

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