In this analytical essay, I will be analyzing the short story called ‘’Machine Man’’ with focus characterization, narration and point of view, theme and message. The short story is written by Marlish Glorie. Glorie is an Australian novelist and short story writer, she also teaches creative writing.

As of right now she has two published novels, and she is currently working on getting her third novel published. The story is about 19-year-old Paul who gets called ‘’Machine Man’’, because he is heavily pierced.

The story revolves around 19-year-old Paul and we follow him over a short time span. We read the story through his point of view. Paul lives in a caravan that his boss Black Jack owns.

He works at a car wrecker. Paul has a lot of piercings hanging off him and orange dyed hair. Paul refers to his TV set as his family. ‘

’Sometimes I've even thought about changing my surname to TV. Paul TV, that's me.’’ (p.1 l.14) He seems to be very lonely, apart from when he is at work with Black Jack and Nut.

Blackjack is nice towards Paul, he has given him a place to stay for free and hired him at his company. In Paul’s head Jack is his best buddy, he is wise according to Paul. Paul is craving a loving and caring relationship to a mother.

This may be due to neglect in his childhood. Paul tends to overthink things, and he is also very aware of what people think of him.

He is extremely introverted, and he might have some kind of mental disorder. He justifies his actions in his mind, no matter how wrong they are. He is completely oblivious to the fact that he actually is kidnapping an old lady.