‘Machine Man’ | Analysis | Noter

The title of Marlish Glorie's story "Machine Man" is mysterious at first but it does not say anything about the storyline.

Readers can imagine that the character is a car enthusiast or that the action takes place in a future world where man and machine are connected.

The plot revolves around Paul, a 19-year-old man whom we track over a brief period of time. We read the story from his perspective.

Paul lives in a caravan owned by his manager, Black Jack. He is employed at a car wrecker. Paul has a lot of piercings and his hair is orange dyed. Paul considers his television set to be his family.

Except while he's at work with Blackjack and Nut, he seems to be very alone. Blackjack is kind to Paul, he has offered him a free place to stay and recruited him at his firm.

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