The Man Who Loved Flowers | Noter Engelsk


1. Characterise the young man:

2. How do people around him react to him? Find quotes from the text to substantiate your claim.

3. What is the atmosphere like on this particular evening?

4. What is the going on in the world around the time where the story takes place? Hint: what does the news-speaker talk about on the radio?

5. The story takes place in 1963. Do some research on American society in the 1960s. What was going on? How would you characterise the mood of American society at that time? How are the fears of the contemporary society reflected in the short story?

6. The young man turns out to be less of a good person than we may have thought in the beginning. Are there any precursors throughout the story?

7. Which changes does the young man go through in the story? Can you think of any other changes taking place in the story? Hint: think about atmosphere, setting etc.

- New york 1963, young man, buying flowers
- Sees a girl (In love with Norma)
- Kills the girl who looks like Norma

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