The Man Who Loved Flowers | Analysis – Group work

Opg. 1
What creates the idyllic and romantic atmosphere at the beginning of the story? Make a list of the words and sentences that create this atmosphere.
Next: find the elements that break this atmosphere.

Opg. 2
Make a character sketch of the main character. Why do you think he murders girls by knocking them down with a hammer? Do we get any hints in the story?

Opg. 3
Composition: how does Stephen King structure his story to make his readers interested in going on reading?

Opg. 4
Look at the scene where the man buys flowers. Why do you think that buying flowers takes up so much of the story? What difference would it make if this scene was shortened?

Opg. 5
1)What impression do we get of people’s sexual life/married life in this story? Find some examples.
2)What impression do we generally, get of life in a big city like New York?

Opg. 6
The murder scene:
- “Norma was dead, she had been dead for ten years.” What does that mean?
- Why does Stephen King bring the screaming and yowling of the alley cats into the story?
- “Some unknown time later” – what does that show us about his state of mind?
- Why does the young man call himself “Love”?
- How does he feel after the murder? Do you think he will continue his killing?

He buys the flowers, because he loves giving Norma things and see her eyes lit up: He loved to see her eyes light up with surprise and joy when he brought her a surprise(...).

We think that Stephen King spends so much time talking about the flowers because they are a symbol of the young man’s love to Norma. In the story the young man is very careful about picking the right flowers. It is important to him that Norma gets the right flowers.

If Stephen King haven’t written so much in the flower scene, you wouldn’t have the same feeling about how much this means to the young man. The flowers is a symbol of his love to her, and you can see that in the flower part.

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