‘The Chemist’s Assistant’ | Analytical essay

Analytical Essay

“The Chemist’s Assistant” (2010) is a short story written by Moya Roddy dealing with owning up to your mistakes. Colette is a young girl who has a problem with stealing.

She often goes to the chemist to buy medicine for her mother, and to look at the pretty cosmetics.

One day Colette sees a new man behind the counter, she is surprised that he is black. He tells her that his name is Mussola and he is there to get an education.


Would you steal to get the pretty things you could not afford on your own? What would you do, if someone you hold dear got punished, because of your actions?

The short story “The Chemist’s Assistant” is written by Moya Roddy and published in 2010. The main character is a young girl named Colette, who has gotten into the habit of stealing, she lives with her mother, father, and older sister Anne.

The story is written from her point of view, with a lot of children words as “cos” instead of because and “D’ye” instead of did you, essentially mirroring a child’s vocabulary.

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