Give me the effing ball. Give me the effing job. Give me the same pay the guy next to me gets.

This is one of the finishing statements of a graduation commencement address held at Barnard college in New York by famous soccer player Abby Wambach in May 2018.

In this essay I will analyze and comment on this commencement address and how Abby Wambach engages her audience and her criteria for success.

The two male athletes had earned enough during their career to live comfortably, but Wambach had not earned nearly the same and because of this she would not get to walk away from her career with the same freedom as them.

Wambach tells us that women today are still getting paid 80 cents to every dollar a man earns.

This is what is called the pay gap, and she also tells how it is even bigger for black people and Hispanic people.

This is the use of logos; she is telling us facts to get us on her side and think the same as her. That this is too bad.