‘Are We Nearly There’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Are We Nearly There’’ by Kate Smalley Ellis published in 2015, is a short story about growing up into adulthood.

The main character is 17 years old Jen, and the story takes place in a car, with her family. The story is following a single event and a few characters (her family, Tony, and Simon).

The many flashbacks to the night before, where Jen has her first sexual experience and loses her virginity, is at first glimpse the main theme in the short story.

But when diving into the text there are many other symbols, thoughts and dialogs that tell us that the main theme is not just about losing virginity but about the journey from childhood to adulthood.

The whole situaRon about Jen losing her virginity symbolizes that she is growing up and starRng to acknowledge that she is on her way to be an adult.

But at the same Rme, she expresses that she is not truly ready for that, when she says, “I'm only seventeen” (page 1, line 23).

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