Habitus is the embedment of our parent’s handling of daily tasks throughout our childhood, and according to Pierre Bourdieu this is subconscious and semiconscious memories that we as people draw inspiration from in our own lives.

This is how we as people very early take on personality traits of those around us, and why our thoughts and actions often reflect our childhood.

“The boy” is a black male, he has had to deal with racism through the entirety of his life. He was bullied by his peers to a point where he stopped going to school and was also the victim of police brutality and a racist justice system.

It is understandable that one in their position would have mental damage and find it hard to trust society.

“The young man who would carry the backpack” is a child of a supporting home with all means of doing well in life.

Still, he feels like he does not belong, until he found a meaning in martyrdom, through the thought of eternal glory in heaven.