The short story “Kiss and Tell” written by John Sam Jones is about a teenager named Seimon, who has difficulties going through puberty.

He’s developing slower than his classmates, which makes him the victim of bullying. One of his teachers, Dylan Roberts, is gay, and Seimon starts having sexual fantasies about him.

His classmates suspect that he is also gay. This means more teasing from them. A girl, Shân Jenkins, who's also into Mr. Roberts, talks to Seimon one day, where Seimon shares his fantasies about Mr. Roberts, but forgets to mention that it’s just that, fantasies.

Feeling responsible, Shân tells another teacher, and the school ends up suspending Mr. Roberts.

Dylan Roberts, also called Mr. Roberts, is a teacher in the subjects Welsh, French, and German. He is described as “handsome and sexy” by a girl from Seimons class.

Before moving to North Wales, Mr. Roberts was living in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, where he was “out-and-proud” meaning openly gay, but when moving to the coast he “had gone back into the closet against his better judgement” meaning Mr. Roberts is of the belief that people will be more close-minded in smaller communities.

Learning that his coworkers accepted gay relationships he “made a new year’s resolution to come out at school.”

When confronted with the allegations against him, he is shocked and “his usual fluency with language and lucidity of thought were shunted into a siding”14, as you would expect because of the nature of the allegations.

Afterwards, the only thing Mr. Roberts sees in his mind is Seimon, smiling.15 This combined with the fact that Mr. Roberts smiled at Seimon in class16 could indicate that Mr. Roberts also fancies him