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“Kiss and Tell” is a short story written by the author John Sam Jones and begins `in media res ́ with an introduction of our main character Seimon Gwyn.

The text is written in third person and in past.

In my analytical essay there will be a summary of the short story “kiss and Tell”, but I will focus on the characterization of the two main characters, the importance of fitting in and in the end, I will write a conclusion.

The text is about a boy called Seimon Gwyn he is a fourteen-year-old boy who has yet to hit his puberty because of his body which has not yet developed. The puberty had started, and all the other boys trained to attract the girls’ attention. the boys started to for example muscle up and they were playing rugby, which defined as a “manly sport”

In the story we also get introduced to his teacher Dylan Roberts who is homosexual, but he hides the fact from his coworkers until the situation in Wales becomes more tolerant to homosexual people.

Year nine representative Shân Jenkins sits down with Seimon and talk with him, Seimon opens up a bit and tells her how he’s doing. They talk about Seimons sexual fantasies with Mr. Roberts, Shân gets very worried so she goes to the school council link teacher Mrs. Puw.

Shân does not make it easier for Seimon, because after the link teacher hears about this, Dylan gets suspended. This text is not telling us much about our main character Seimon Gwyn directly, but Seimon is a 14 years old boy .

We are seeing Seimon ́s life from his own perspective, which is giving us an indirectly insight of who he is as a person.