Love life now a days is so much more confusing, than it used to be in the past. Today there is so many ways that people can be in love. Two boys, two girls, a boy and a girl or the so called “non gender”.

You can build up a family of two moms and a dad or two dads and a mom, or a thousand for that matter. And it can be very hard to get out of the closet, just because you are homosexual. For in many eyes, the only right way to be together, are if you are a boy and a girl... This is a short about a teenage boy struggling whit that problem.

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The short story ”Kiss and Tell” is written by the author John Sam Jones. It starts in-medias-res with an introduction of Seimon Gwyn. Seimon is the main character of the story.

He is a teenager, and has only just begun to explore his sexuality. Seimon find it very difficult to go through puberty, because of the way his body reacts differently from the ones around him.

Another introduction that we get, is about his teacher Dylan Roberts, who Seimon is having sexual fantasies about. Dylan Roberts is also gay, but hides it from everyone around him, until the people in wales are more tolerant to someone that is homosexual.

This short story is a third person narrator, which make the reader feel like they are watching a movie in their head. But it also makes them more aware of what happens in the bigger picture.

If it was a first person narrator, then we would only know what Seimon felt and thought.