‘Kiss and tell’ | Analytical essay

Kiss and Tell is a short story written by John Sam Jones. It begins “in medias res” with an introduction of our main character, Seimon. The overall theme of the short story is sex and identity.

At the beginning of the short story, we get introduced to Seimon. He is 14 years old. Compared with his peers, he has not yet entered puberty.

He teaches Welsh, French and German. Dylan recently moved from Cardiff to a small town in Liverpool Bay. In the story Dylan is described as “Handsome and sexy.” (p2. 56) by the female students in his classes.

The students also said that when he is so handsome, it is a waste of him to be gay. Dylan used to be open and proud of his sexuality, but after he moved, he decided to hide it.

The short story follows the traditional plot structure with exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. This story has similar scenes after Simon and Dylan.

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