All people deal with difficulties from the past. However, despite ethnical background and childhood traumas we all respond and deal differently to these life crises and challenges.

Some overcome them through love, family relations, and friendships, others react more negatively, which can lead to extreme actions hurting themselves or even others. This is described in the short story “Kiss”, published in the year 2019 by Elizabeth Baines.

The short story begins with a young couple kissing on their way out of the London Tube station.

The young couple has just recently met at a party, for troubled children, where they both works.

In the opposite direction, a man is heading into the station. The man wears a backpack on his back, which contains a detonator. We know that the man intends to do a terrorist attack on innocent people at the station.

Therefore, he gets very nervous, when he was pushed from behind and nearly falls. He was afraid that the detonator might have been damaged and won’t go off as planned.

The author describes the three main characters' pasts and how they ended up in this terrible situation. Through flashbacks, the reader gets a better understanding of the characters' actions.