‘Ae Fond Kiss’ by Paul Laverty | Analytical Essay

Ae Fond Kiss or Just a Kiss, written by Paul Laverty and directed by Ken Loach, is a romantic drama piece about forbidden love between people of different religions and origins. In Theaters: Jul 14, 2004. Runtime: 104 minutes

The opening lines of the famous poem by Robert Burns sets the tone for this story of a young Muslim man and a young Catholic woman attempting to forge and maintain a relationship in modern Glasgow.

The film is unquestionably a humane film, and the director Ken Loach definitely deserves major credits for his realistic ways to dramatize the conflicts and compromises that come with being a 2nd generation immigrant in modern Britain.

Casim who is the main character is a young DJ from Pakistan, he lives in Glasgow with his family. His little sister goes to a catholic school, even though she's a Muslim. At his sisters’ school, works a young Irish teacher, her name is Roisin.

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