Paul McCartney is Esquire’s August Cover Star | Analysis

The enlivening article about Paul McCartney; “Paul McCartney is Esquire’s August Cover Star” by Alex Bilmes.

Blimes begins the article with a presentation of the extravagating life that Paul McCartney is living even after he passed the age of seventy.

Blimes article is mostly about the active participation, that Paul McCartney is taking in his world tour called “Out There”.

Paul McCartney’s concerts were on average about three hours, which is quite longer than the average concert.

The article is filled with it’s clear and easy-going sentence structure. Many of the sentences is quite long, but some are of medium length.

For example, “The rest is noise, and static, and flashbulbs, and spinning headlines, not to mention libraries of books and movies and documentary box sets, and articles like this one:

Hamburg, The Cavern, Brian Epstein, George Martin, Beatlemania, the British Invasion, the Swinging Sixties, LSD, the Maharishi, Yoko, Linda, Apple and, in 1970, the break up of the band.” (P. 3 – L.163-173).

This is quite a long sentence, and as explained above the use of the long sentences is what Alex Bilmes uses in this article.

Even though the sentences in the article is quite long, the understanding of the article is still easy to grasp.

Alex Blimes is also using a lot of additional explanation, for example, “His touring routine is well established: breakfast, a workout, perhaps a massage, then meetings with his team.

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