Tickits by Paul Milenski (Character analysis)

The short story begins by the reader meeting the main character Toby Heckler.

Toby is a young boy (p.1 l.4). He cares about the world he lives in and everyone around him. His wish is to be “the hero” that keeps everything in order and makes people aware of their “bad” behavior towards their world and thus not caring about others who live by their side.

In the story, Toby admires his own “hero”, the patrolman McVee (p.1 l.29-30). Toby’s actions are comparable to what McVee or a policeman would do on the job. Through Toby’s day, he e.g. places a slip on a car parked inconsiderately of others that may need to park there.

He also writes a ticket for a man who was considering crossing the street when the sign read DON’T WALK. The reason for the ticket was again an action that did not keep in mind that it could lead to trouble involving other people.

While trying to keep the world in order he also cares about his appearance. Inspired by the patrolman’s always good looking and shining shoes Toby too spends time cleaning and keeping his sneakers crispy white (p.2 l 63-64).

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